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Tom Allen
“Winter forms our character and brings out our best.”
Benjamin Alire Saenz
“The heart can get really cold if all you have known is winter.”
William Blake
“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy."
Rizki De
“Love has different shape, like this falling snow in winter.”
Anthony T. Hincks
“Nothing is as sensual as the first kiss of snow in the winter.”
Victor Hugo
“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”
Karen Zirbes
“Winter is a season we all wish to start and end soon.”
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Darina, 23
  • ID: 135933
  • Ukraine, Dnepr
Iana, 23
  • ID: 135926
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Angelina, 33
  • ID: 135925
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Galina, 22
  • ID: 135924
  • Ukraine, Lugansk
Marina, 29
  • ID: 135921
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Diana, 19
  • ID: 135919
  • Ukraine, Lugansk
Katerina, 26
  • ID: 135911
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Elena, 39
  • ID: 135909
  • Ukraine, Dnepr
Vladilena, 22
  • ID: 135903
  • Moldova, Bender
Leila, 24
  • ID: 135855
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Polina, 27
  • ID: 135842
  • Russia, Samara
Regina, 23
  • ID: 135841
  • Russia, Novosibirsk
Kristina, 37
  • ID: 135830
  • Ukraine, Kharkov
Anastasiia, 23
  • ID: 135828
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Viktoriia, 25
  • ID: 135827
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Aleksandra, 25
  • ID: 135826
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Anna, 28
  • ID: 135824
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Svetlana, 38
  • ID: 135821
  • Ukraine, Odessa
Irina, 23
  • ID: 135820
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Andriana, 27
  • ID: 135819
  • Ukraine, Volyn
Evgeniia, 33
  • ID: 135802
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Sofiia, 33
  • ID: 135808
  • Ukraine, Odessa
Irina, 24
  • ID: 135709
  • Ukraine, Cherkasy
Anna, 23
  • ID: 135722
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Alina, 23
  • ID: 135813
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Olga, 20
  • ID: 135817
  • Ukraine, Kropivnitskii
Lidiia, 24
  • ID: 135710
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Katerina, 24
  • ID: 135723
  • Ukraine, Poltava
Alena, 25
  • ID: 135727
  • Ukraine, Zhitomir
Iuliia, 21
  • ID: 135733
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Viktoriia, 22
  • ID: 135744
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Iana, 23
  • ID: 135764
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Iana, 30
  • ID: 135682
  • Ukraine, Poltava
Elena, 36
  • ID: 135772
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Iana, 22
  • ID: 135698
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Iuliia, 21
  • ID: 135781
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Liliia, 27
  • ID: 135789
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Ianina, 39
  • ID: 135796
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Marina, 55
  • ID: 135803
  • Ukraine, Lugansk
Karina, 24
  • ID: 135809
  • Ukraine, Donetsk
Anastasiia, 25
  • ID: 135694
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Daria, 26
  • ID: 135659
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Iuliia, 31
  • ID: 135708
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Oksana, 37
  • ID: 135661
  • Ukraine, Kherson
Valentina, 25
  • ID: 135704
  • Ukraine, Dnepr
Alla, 31
  • ID: 135690
  • Ukraine, Dnepr
Marta, 23
  • ID: 135701
  • Ukraine, Ternopol
Valeriia, 23
  • ID: 135702
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Aleksandra, 25
  • ID: 135693
  • Ukraine, Kropivnitskii
Marina, 23
  • ID: 135691
  • Ukraine, Nikolaev
Irina, 36
  • ID: 135700
  • Ukraine, Kharkov
Iana, 24
  • ID: 135660
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Ilona, 28
  • ID: 135692
  • Ukraine, Kiev
Valentina, 23
  • ID: 135658
  • Ukraine, Kropivnitskii
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Elena (Russia): "Our love story is really fascinating! I have never thought that one day I would relocate to another country and leave my work, family, friends... But life is so unpredictable)) When we got acquainted, it was like a lightning strike. I will never forget this awesome feeling. During short period of time I completely changed my life, and it was a real pleasure for me to enjoy this amazing adventure of love with my sweetheart. We did not have a big wedding, it was more like a party…
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Anastasiia (Ukraine): "I am really glad that I have found the love of my life. We are very happy together! I have not expected that it is really possible to find a soul mate in other country, but now I know - miracles can happen, especially when you believe in them. I can say without any doubts that true love and sincere feelings should be called the greatest treasure in life. It is so amazing to have someone with whom you can spend days and nights, wake up and go…
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Slavic Brides

Take a look around! Who surrounds us? Women who are our colleagues, neighbors and friends... They want equality and independence. Their main goals are career, money and fame. Do they want to take care of the family hearth and being gentle and delicate to their men? I doubt so. For them you are a partner, a friend, an additional source of finance, but certainly not a man in the traditional sense of the word.


While women are striving for independence, we – men – just want to be happy! Who is a lady of our dreams? It is a simple woman who is ready to give birth to our children and who will always be caring mother and kind wife. She is romantic, sincere, loyal, honest and understanding. After a hard day at work we dream about a woman who will greet us with a sweet smile, tender hug or passionate kiss and serve a delicious dinner. The greatest pleasure will be to cuddle with her while watching movies or listening to music when she would flutter her eyelashes and whisper with love "You are my greatest treasure. You are my one and only angel. You are everything to me...".


Is there a place somewhere in the world which is not reached yet by the harsh hand of the emancipation? It is! In Slavic countries you still have chance to find your one and only queen. Slavic women are very committed to the traditions. Therefore, they have not lost the magic power of femininity, natural beauty and breathtaking sexuality which is so admired by men. Moreover, the legends about the attractiveness of Slavic women have been always circulated all over the world!


Slavic women dream about family, children and a tower of strength embodied in their men. Unfortunately, men in their countries are marked by light-mindedness. Some are not serious about creating long-term relationships, some need just one-night stands, some are addicted to drinking, some could even lay hands on their women and kids... Therefore,a charming Slavic woman has to wait for her prince for so long, sometimes even for a lifetime. Perhaps, you are the one to become her soul mate, her special man with whom she will enjoy every moment of life and make all dreams come true?



  • The server is located in Germany. Here the operation of dating sites is strictly regulated by IMBRA.
  • Free technical support. In case of any question, suggestion or complaint you can always contact our support team and receive a detailed answer the same day.
  • Acceptable prices. You can have long and meaningful conversations without the fear of a quick and unexpected end of credits. You can buy credits easily in any convenient way.
  • Problem resolution in favor of the client. It works in 99% of cases.
  • User-friendly and easy to use interface. You will always find the desirable function quickly to enjoy time using any of our high-quality services.
  • Open site policy. Everything is fair and transparent.

Moreover, you are protected by a rigid anti-scam policy from fakes and scammers. Each registered female profile is necessarily accompanied by a scanned copy of a lady's passport and a verification video confirming her willingness to cooperate with our service. We do not have cheaters and mercenary-minded ladies. Besides, each lady passes a Skype interview with the representative of our service before posting profile to prove her personal data and serious intentions. So, we are dealing only with real ladies who are waiting for their future husbands and who are ready for serious long-term relationship and sincerely desire to create happy friendly family. Try it right now! Appreciate ease and convenience of making acquaintances with the best Slavic women and create your successful love story at!