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Anti-Scam Policy
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1. The main intention of dating site is to provide to all clients the real chance to meet a special lady in person and start new page in life together with beloved. Nevertheless, the great majority of foreign men who sincerely desire to find a soul mate in other country are concerned about the risk of being hurt by women who are only interested in material benefits and do not want to create serious relationship and start happy family life. These women are called scammers and their main intention is to use men only as a source of financial gain.

2. Scam - a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value. The administration of the site pays a lot of attention to dealing with scam, furthermore, it is totally forbidden at Anyone who participates and finds guilty in violation of the rules will be immediately and permanently banned from using our service. Moreover, we will inform other dating sites about such person as well.

3. If you think that you are communicating with a scammer, please do not hesitate to let us know about your suspicions. No doubts, your cooperation will greatly help us to detect a potential scammer and take serious actions towards such insincere and dishonest person. Sadly, some men make a great mistake when they decide not to report about these situations because such decision will never solve a scammer issue. As a result other users get the wrong impression and an incorrect judgment about all other women who are registered on site and about the site in general which is further from truth.

4. If our team receives a complaint from a man that a certain lady made an attempt to scam him, we place this lady under review in order to examine her actions and activity on site and to find out if the complaint is legitimate. Before making a final decision we let the both parties of the conflict to speak their minds. If a certain lady is found guilty in demanding money or expensive gifts, her profile will be removed from the site. Besides, we can guarantee that we will return all credits to your personal account which were spent on a lady who proved to be a scammer. However, we are absolutely sure that such cases are exceptionally rare at because our team constantly guards the security of our clients.


1. If lady does not answer all of your questions in a mail.

2. If lady's mails have some mistakes in translation.

3. if lady's profile is appeared to be online very often or offline for a long period of time.

4. If lady removes her profile without a warning.

5. If lady has pictures with her friends, relatives, ex-partners posted on social networks.

6. If lady wears rings on her fingers because they tend to be more like accessories in Slavonic culture than marriage or engagement rings.

7. If at any level of communication lady refuses to meet you in real life.

8. If after a real meeting lady does not show any interest in your personality.


1. If the gifts you ordered through our service were not delivered (all credits you spent on gifts will be returned to your personal account).

2. If lady requests money or expensive gifts from you in chats or mails (all credits you spent on communication with such lady will be returned to your personal account and the lady will be banned from the site).

3. If lady intentionally distorts her personal information, such as: age, kids, gender or marital status (all credits you spent on communication with such lady will be returned to your personal account and the lady will be banned from the site).

4. If lady intentionally uses the profile or personal information of another person without permition to communicate with you (all credits you spent on communication with such lady will be returned to your personal account and the lady will be banned from the site).

5. If lady with or without interpreter insists on visiting expensive restaurants or boutiques and demands pricey gifts on a real date (the lady will be banned from the site if these facts are proved by a man).


1. Do not send money to a person whom you even have not seen in person yet, you can only send gifts through our service if this desire sincerely comes from your heart.

2. Do not give your personal or financial information to other users and do not include it in a public profile (login or password, home or work address, credit card or bank details, social security number or other identifying information).

3. Do not exchange personal contacts with a person whom you do not know well enough and take your time to know each other better using our service at first (especially if person tells you about an unconditional love after a short period of time).

4. Do not communicate with a user if this person: is a minor who pretends to be an adult, pressures you for financial or personal information, tries to get money from you, sends you offensive or harassing messages/photos/videos, tries to sell you products or services, offers you any kind of sexual services).

5. Do not give a large amount of money or too precious gifts to a person during real meeting and do not bear the high expenses on a date without first discussing how the costs will be divided.