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Live Chat
Live chat is very fast and convenient way of online communication because it gives an amazing opportunity to easily exchange text messages with any girl registered on the site. Even if the chosen woman is not online she will receive the message and reply as soon as she logs in. Live chat is divided into three categories - "Online Now", "All Chats" and "All Invites". In the category "Online Now" you can observe the ladies who are currently online and to whom you have not talked yet. You can choose any woman who attracts you and start to communicate with her. In the category "All chats" are placed the dialogues with women to whom you already started to communicate. In this category you can find your special girl by name or ID, or by using filters Only online and Only favorite. It will make the search of the necessary dialogue much easier. So, do not forget to add your charming lady to a favorite list! Moreover, while chatting with beautiful girls you can view their profiles at the same time. That is so easy, just click on the appropriate bottom! In the category "All invites" you can read all new messages of invitation to chat from ladies who wrote you first and to whom you have not talked yet. All new invitation messages in this category disappear within a day if they are left without an answer, so it is better to check this category regularly - maybe your beloved already found you and is waiting for your attention! To bring smile on your girlfriend's face use smiley faces with your text messages to express feelings and reactions in a funny way. To please your sweetheart and surprise her with an unusual message in addition to text messages there is a quick access to voice messages, winks, virtual gifts, photos and videos exchange which will be charged extra. The cost of one minute of live chat is 1 credit. In addition, the history of sent text and voice messages, photos and videos, winks and virtual gifts are available for you at any time.
Voice Massages
It is always a great pleasure to hear the voice of your beloved! Do you want to tell your chosen one something truly important, confess your feelings with a poem or play guitar for your beautiful lady? Use voice messages to make these wishes come true! You can record a voice message during online chat and surprise your woman with a pleasant gesture! Besides, you can also ask your girl to create a voice message for you to enjoy her sweet timbre. Even if you or your lady is not online at the moment you both can listen to each other's recorded voice message at any time when you log in to your account. The duration of each voice message is 10 seconds. The cost of one incoming or outgoing voice message is 8 credits.
Romantic and passionate letter is one of the best ways to tell the girl you like about your feelings and desires. In each such letter you can attach your photos or videos and view girl's photos and videos as well which will be charged extra. Correspondence section gives an access to Inbox, Sent and System messages. If you mark any inbox or sent letter with a "flag" it is transferring to Important. If you delete a letter it is transferring to Trash. You can quickly find the letter you need in the appropriate category by name or ID, or by using other additional filters. The cost of one sent letter is 10 credits. Incoming letters are free.
Instead of constructing a long message for your lovely woman you can easily convey your emotions and feelings with nice animated winks just in one click. Funny and colorful emoji will not only improve the mood of your beloved, but also will make communication more vivid, interesting and positive. Send a wink during online chat and dilute the conversation with a sweet message. Your girlfriend will not remain indifferent! The cost of one wink is 5 credits.
Virtual Gifts
Do you want to please your beloved with romantic thoughts and passionate gestures every day even when you are far from each other? Virtual gifts are an excellent decision for such occasions at any time! You can easily use interesting and colorful images during chatting to improve the mood of your sweetheart or for telling about your warm feelings and serious intentions without any further ado. Besides, a spontaneous gift to an unfamiliar girl will intrigue and draw attention to your personality without any doubts, and will make any new acquaintance with a lovely woman more easy and more special. The cost of one virtual gift is 5 credits while happiness of your beautiful lady is priceless!
Real Gifts
Is there any girl that does not like surprises? Imagine shining eyes, exciting flutter of eyelashes and boundless joy on the face of your sweetheart when she receives a lovely present from her man! Your beloved will receive the chosen gift from the catalogue within a few days after the order, but impressions of a pleasant surprise will remain for a long time. It is an amazing chance to make your relationship unforgettable even from a distance! As soon as the lady receives your gift you will be notified by a system message which will include girl's warm thanks for your surprise and some pictures of your special woman with the gift. The cost of each real gift delivery is determined individually. You will also be informed by a system message with explanations if the lady does not want to accept your gift. In such case all credits for this gift order will be returned to your account.
Private Photos and Videos Exchange
Sharing exclusive photos and videos is one of the most pleasant ways for two people interested in each other to become closer! Personal files which are not posted in the profile and are inaccessible to anyone else except the two of you will greatly help to know each other better. You can send and receive unique photos and videos during live chat and correspondence at any time. Special photos and videos can fully show the look and lifestyle of your beloved. No doubts, visual contact is very important for each loving couple as a breath of fresh air. Viewing each girl's photo in a chat/letter or attaching each your photo to a chat/letter costs 7 credits. Viewing each girl's video in a chat/letter or attaching each your video to a chat/letter costs 9 credits.
Contact Information Exchange
When you are really sure that your special woman is your perfect match and you are ready to transfer your relationship to a new stage and more serious level, then it is time to communicate privately and discuss plans for future. You can request girl's personal contacts at any time from her profile pressing the bottom "Date me". Also you need to confirm your profile by uploading an ID Photo and a signed IMBRA form which you will get while making a contact request. IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) - is a United States federal statute that requires background checks for US citizens who use marriage brokerage services focused on providing dating services between US citizens/residents and foreign nationals for a fee. ID Photo - is a photo of you holding a printed paper A4 which shows your profile ID. U.S. citizens/residents should upload a signed IMBRA form and an ID Photo. Non-U.S. citizens/residents should upload only ID Photo. As soon as the lady confirms her readiness for contact information exchange you will be notified by a system message which will include girl's personal contacts. The cost of contact information request is 500 credits, or you can get lady's contact information for free if you have spent more than 1000 credits on communication with the chosen woman. You will also be informed by a system message with explanations if the lady is not yet ready to share her contact information with you. In such case all credits for this contact request will be returned to your account.